Teaching the unfamiliar.

I read this post by Kelly and it definitely resonated with me. I felt this way also on my prac. I felt nervous and sometimes unprepared even when I had done as much preparation as I could for a lesson if I was teaching something unfamiliar. I often wrote my letters wrong and would have to think twice about everything to remind myself of stuff I had learnt many years ago. I know that this will be different when I am teaching as you start the learning journey with the students and get to know what you need to teach. I had many moments of panic about the content the students were learning and how I would ever be able to teach all of this stuff. I too had times where I researched information to teach and find conflicting views. I also had conflicting views with the teacher at times. I learnt to just go with it and do your best to give the students an all rounded view. So much to learn….


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